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It’s easy and fun to create new scholarships! You get to decide the parameters, based on the type of person you’d like see be able to attend college. It can be a small amount, just enough to pay for some books, or a substantial amount that will take a financial load off a student.

Businesses, individuals and homeschool graduates are encouraged to invest in today’s homeschooled students.  The reality is that students today can’t work their way through college as many did in the past, with today’s cost being more than $40,000 a year for many schools.

Providing a homeschool scholarship isn’t a difficult process. All that’s needed is a form, deadline date, publicity (which we guarantee to give), a selection committee and of course, the money! We have provided a sample form in Microsoft Word format, designed to showcase the unique contributions of homeschooled students. Anyone is welcome to use a portion or all of  this form.

Standard Scholarship Form

Homeschooled students are unique in many ways, and need to have scholarships tailored accordingly. Many, while academically gifted, choose community involvement and hands-on activities to grow and learn instead of spending hours alone studying for the perfect score. Focusing only on grades and maxing out SAT and ACT tests isn’t considered the mark of a good homeschool education. While many scholarship committees claim to be looking for the well-rounded person, the forms they use indicate it often comes down to class rank, GPA, SAT/ACT test scores, school clubs and leadership positions.

List of Scholarship Considerations

Scholarships can be offered to homeschooled students anywhere in the world, limited to a specific country, or to a particular state or region. They can be offered to students attending a particular type of college, majoring in a specific subject area, or limited to those having accomplished certain criteria. We will publicize at no cost all scholarships designed exclusively for homeschooled students.

Any business, organization or foundation offering homeschool scholarships will be provided a link to their Web site, free of charge.

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