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Yesterday we decided to add a page that deals with “Gap Year” programs. For those who aren’t familiar with the term “gap year,” it refers to the year between high school and college that some students take off from traditional schooling. There can be numerous reasons for taking a gap year. Sometimes it’s for economical reasons. Some students work that year to raise money for college. Some who perhaps can’t afford college choose a less-expensive gap year program with many of the same benefits as college, but a program that results in a certificate instead of a diploma. A Christian student planning to attend a secular university may choose a gap year program at a Bible Institute in preparation for college. Many programs immerse the students into other cultures. As we started researching gap year programs, we were amazed at the wide range of options and prices. Some are more expensive than a year at college. Others are only about $8,000.

We will continue to add programs to the list in the upcoming weeks. You can find our Gap Year Programs under the Etc. tab.

We do have one word of warning for students considering a gap year. You’ll likely lose out on college scholarships, as many have to be used within a year of graduating from high school.

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