Homeschool community–urgent needs update

We have to admit we are very surprised. We had thought if there was any community that would pull together to support the needs of its members, it would be the homeschool community. Because this may be a situation where everyone assumes everyone else is responding, we wanted to let you know that there hasn’t been a single query regarding the urgent need listings five students submitted. The number of requests has now grown to eight, with one young man needing only $270 by Aug. 16 in order to begin college. With the hundreds of visitors we have coming to the site every day, we are surprised that nobody has $50 or $100 to share. While small amounts won’t completely solve the dilemma for most of the students, they would at least provide some inspiration and hope. If even one student makes it to college as a result of this effort, we’ll consider it a success. As of now, though, we are not headed in that direction.

To the brave students who have listed their needs, don’t give up. Also, remember to update your need amounts as God provides resources through other means.

If you’re reading for the first time of our effort to find last-minute fall semester funds for homeschool students who are still in need, read our post of July 31. If you have funds available to help these students, you can find their requests here.

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