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Small homeschool scholarships for 2013-2014

Klipsan Beach Life Saving Station - Homeschool ScholarshipsToday the Klipsan Beach Life Saving Station posted an application for its upcoming Kimball Memorial Scholarship, open to this year’s homeschool graduates, as well as previously homeschooled students already in college.  The $300 scholarship, in some ways, favors those who scored higher on the writing portions of their SAT & ACT tests than on the other subjects. The deadline is June 20, 2013.

The Klipsan Beach Life Saving Station is home to #309 Historic Coast Guard Vacation Rentals, which has become a favorite vacation spot in the Pacific Northwest for homeschool families. During the school year, homeschool families can vacation and study at the beach for a week or more at half price. Located on Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula, the Station offers learning opportunities on Lewis & Clark (they’re located at the end of the journey), Cranberry Growing & Harvesting, the U.S. Life Saving Service & Coast Guard, Oystering, Sea Life & more.

For more information on this scholarship, as well as others that are available exclusively for homeschoolers, visit our Homeschool Scholarships page.

For information on the Klipsan Beach Life Saving Station, and its homeschool vacation opportunities, visit #309 Historic Coast Guard Station.

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Michigan college offers homeschool scholarship

Michigan Home School Scholarships - Montcalm Community CollegeToday we’ve added a new listing under colleges that offer homeschool scholarships. The Beth Anderson Memorial Home School Scholarship is available to students attending Montcalm Community College in Sidney, Michigan. Five $500 scholarships are available to homeschool graduates who demonstrate academic achievement and community service. To see our complete list of college scholarships available exclusively for homeschoolers, click here.

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Is it too late to find scholarships for fall?

The deadlines for most of the major scholarships have come and gone, but many students are still scrambling to find scholarship funds for the Fall 2011 semester. Are there any scholarships still to be found? Yes! For those determined to look under every rock for college money, there are some that still need to be turned over. The best way to find these is to sign up with one of the scholarship search engines. They still list a number of ongoing competitions, and will tailor the list according to your personal profile.

For the remaining contests, creativity is often what matters most. Those who have a talent for writing essays will likely score most of the wins, but there are also contests that award other artistic endeavors. You won’t know what’s there until you take a look! You may find one that fits you perfectly. It isn’t time yet to give up on fall scholarship funds. Get back to work! There’s still money to be made.

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A non-scholarship–$2000 in textbook savings

Discounted College Textbooks

A slightly used version of this $97 textbook was found for $1 online.

Yesterday’s offer from reminded us that we should probably address one way students can help preserve their tuition funds. We’ve just finished ordering and receiving the textbooks needed for the spring semester. Had we purchased them new, through the school bookstore, they would have cost $340.32, plus tax. We shopped around on the internet, and ended up spending a total of $74.05–a savings of  $266.27. If we multiply that across 8 semesters, it comes to $2,130.16!

How did we do it? Through a variety of ways. Five of the eleven books we ordered were used. All but one turned out to be in pristine condition. The other was worn, but not too badly. To find the used books, we relied on resources such as eBay, Amazon third-party sellers, and Our biggest savings was on a $97 book that we found for $1 plus $2.95 shipping.

The other six books were new. Five of the new ones came from and one through an auction on eBay. Those from were not taxed and had no shipping charges. Did you know that students can get a free “Prime” account from Amazon for a year which includes free two-day shipping? Check it out!

We actually spent less than our $74.05 total, as we had accumulated four $5 gift certificates from You can get them for free! You earn them simply by doing searches through Theoretically, you could earn enough throughout the year to pay for most of your books.

Another advantage of buying used or discounted books is that when you are finished with them, you can likely sell them for as much or more than you paid for them.

It’s great to be able to support college bookstores, but if it means the difference between being able to stay in school or having to drop out, the choice becomes rather easy.

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Another good-to-know fact about scholarships

We discovered a new scholarship wrinkle this fall that we thought others might want to be aware of. We were counting on $2,500 in private scholarship funds for the fall semester. The problem? The three scholarships didn’t come in by the date the university required payment in full. The scholarships will help, but they weren’t in time for the first semester.

One scholarship (from the Elks, for those making mental notes) required a letter from the university stating that the student was enrolled. We had attempted to start this process earlier, but were told by the university registrar that it couldn’t be done until the drop date for classes had passed. That date, of course, was a week after fall tuition was due.

Our message to those for whom the scholarship process is new is that you need to be aware you may not have all of your funds by the date you enroll. Every scholarship has different guidelines as to how and when the funds will be submitted. Some allow you to start the process in time to begin the semester; others do not. You will need to factor that into your finance plan.

We invite those of you who have good or bad scholarships experiences to share your story. Email us and we’ll post it on the Share Your Experience page. Your story will likely help other homeschoolers know what to expect as they begin their scholarship quest.

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Gap Year Programs

Yesterday we decided to add a page that deals with “Gap Year” programs. For those who aren’t familiar with the term “gap year,” it refers to the year between high school and college that some students take off from traditional schooling. There can be numerous reasons for taking a gap year. Sometimes it’s for economical reasons. Some students work that year to raise money for college. Some who perhaps can’t afford college choose a less-expensive gap year program with many of the same benefits as college, but a program that results in a certificate instead of a diploma. A Christian student planning to attend a secular university may choose a gap year program at a Bible Institute in preparation for college. Many programs immerse the students into other cultures. As we started researching gap year programs, we were amazed at the wide range of options and prices. Some are more expensive than a year at college. Others are only about $8,000.

We will continue to add programs to the list in the upcoming weeks. You can find our Gap Year Programs under the Etc. tab.

We do have one word of warning for students considering a gap year. You’ll likely lose out on college scholarships, as many have to be used within a year of graduating from high school.

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Congrats! Sonlight’s 2010 Scholarship Winners

Sonlight will award $92,000 to the following homeschool graduates over the next four years: Oliver Sinquefield of  Zachary, LA; Dana David of Rochester, MN; Isaac Harrison of Hong Kong; Ethan Green of Springfield TN; Erik Messerschmidt of Holland, NY; Callie Bonin Of Lafayette, LA; Kayla Griesemer of Ooltewah, TN; Caleb Kruse of Colorado Springs, CO; Josiah McCoy of Statesville, NC; Katrina Parsons of Pine, CO; Cacia Scheler of Helenville, WI; Kathryn Waldron of Vermillion, SD; and Caleb Zimmerman of Tirana, Albania. For more information about these winners, visit For information about the Sonlight Homeschool Scholarships, visit our List of Homeschool Scholarships page.

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Site visitors help student get to college

Today’s the last day to help get one of our “urgent need” students to college. This 17-year-old homeschool graduate comes from a challenging family situation, and needs only $250 more to be able to enroll in college tomorrow.

J.R.S. comes from a single parent home, and his mother has not been able to take care of him recently. Another family has taken him in, helping out as much as possible, but they have two of their own children to support in college.  Small donations will add up and help this young man get to college. You can donate to his college (see our urgent need page for the school) or donate through our PayPal account on the “About Us” page. Any donations that come in today will be sent this evening. If requested, we will put you in touch with the family he is currently living with.

We realize that by visiting this site, you’re most likely also a homeschooler looking for college funds. Our family is in the same situation. Still, we’d like for you to consider donating a small amount that could make a life-changing difference for this fellow homeschooler. If, by some chance, anyone with greater resources is viewing this site, there are seven more students looking for funds to enter school this fall. See our “Urgent Need for Fall” page.

UPDATE: We were able to send J.R.S. $30 toward his goal of $270. Thanks to those who participated. With the addition of some odd jobs J.R.S. has found to do, he hopes to be able to enroll today.

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Scholarship for Wisconsin Homeschoolers

Today Wisconsin joins the list of states where scholarships are offered for homeschool graduates. The Herb Kohl Excellence Scholarship Foundation reserves for homeschoolers a proportionate number of the $1,000 scholarships given annually to 100 Wisconsin high school graduates. For more information visit our List of Homeschool Scholarships page.

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Eagle Scout Scholarships

Today we have listed a number of Eagle Scout scholarships, in part because a high percentage of today’s Eagle Scouts are homeschoolers. While most of the scholarships are specifically limited to Eagle Scouts, some also include the top ranks for Girl Scouts, Venturers, Sea Scouts and American Heritage Girls. The scholarships are listed on a sub-page under Up Your Chances, and can be found here.

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