Keeping Your Scholarships

Unfortunately, when it comes to many scholarships, winning them is just the first step. Often, strings are attached! Many require that you maintain a certain grade point average in order to keep the scholarship. While you may be ecstatic about receiving a school’s highest level scholarship, be aware that the pressure’s on, as the best scholarships require the best grades. You will want to make sure you begin college with great study skills. Depending on the type of homeschool you attended, this can be either a challenge or a piece of cake. If you need a quick course on study skills, click here.

Another hurdle that scholarship recipients should be aware of is that not all scholarships, even if they are renewable, automatically do that for themselves. Some require that you contact the issuer each year, providing a transcript and/or proof of registration for the following year. If you forget and don’t follow through, you may lose the scholarship.

If you’re a recipient of numerous scholarships, it would be wise to keep careful records, and develop a system for meeting the requirements of each individual scholarship.

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