Urgent need requests updated

We’ve updated our urgent need requests from students looking for financial help for the fall semester. To find out how their needs are being met, visit our Urgent Need for Fall page. We’ll be publishing urgent need requests (up to 20) for the spring semester beginning Dec. 1. If you’ve already been accepted by a college, but have remaining financial need, email us and we’ll publish your information. The following format should be followed:

  • Name: Full name; we will post only your three initials.
  • Age: For this listing, you must be at least 18.
  • Homeschooling: List number of years homeschooled, and whether or not you have a homeschool diploma.
  • College: You must have already been accepted for the spring semester, and the college be expecting you.
  • Cost of spring semester: List the total for tuition and room/board only.
  • Remaining need for the spring semester: List what you still need in order to be able to enroll.
  • Date: List the final date when your tuition must be paid.
  • College contact information: Provide a name or office (with contact info) for verification of your status.
  • College major and how you plan to use it: List your future plans. Maximum of two sentences.
  • Accomplishments (optional): List up to five activities or awards that describe you.
  • Reason for need (optional): You may include one reason as to why you have this need, such as illness, parent unemployment, etc. One sentence only.

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